Registered as a charity under the laws of England and Wales
Branch Leader - Geoff Dellbridge
Meeting Centre: British Red Cross, Worcester.

Serving most of the Midlands

Picture courtesy of the Fire Service College
Picture courtesy of the Fire Service College

A ‘live Casualty’ being extracted from an overturned coach during a Heavy Vehicle Rescue Course at the Fire Service College Including technical rescue specialists from the Fire Services and the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service.

CASUALTIES UNION is a Charity, which was founded in wartime to provide ‘live’ casualties to enable the Rescue Services to practice their rescue and extraction methods from bombed buildings. Nowadays, our work is much more extensive. Members, trained in injury make up and conversant with the casualty’s response to injury, illness and crisis, help in Teaching Hospitals assisting Doctors, Nurses and Ambulance staff with their training. We also help all the Emergency Services in ‘Casualty Centred’ extractions from motor vehicle accidents, rescue from explosion, collapsed buildings, crashed aircraft and fires etc. Our clients include, The Fire Service, Police, Ambulance, Road Traffic Agency, The Fire Service College, Teaching Hospitals, Medical Schools, the Voluntary First Aid Organizations, the Health Protection Agency and many others.

All our Members are Volunteers and give their services freely receiving only their expenses in participating. It is said that acting as a ‘Casualty’ is providing a rehearsal for someone else’s future mishap and without this facility Emergency and Trauma Services would have great difficulty training adequately. Our members come from all walks of life. From students to pensioners, nurses to actors, and from the Voluntary Services. The work is fun and very interesting and duties occur two or three times a month for most of the year.

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If you wish to volunteer or have enquiries outside the Midland Area contact the main Casualties Union website.

Above : Facial injury from box cutter.
Above Left: A simulated open radial fracture on a child.
Left: London Fire Service extracting casualties in a road traffic accident.
The West Mercia Branch of the Casualties Union has been created by the merger of the Worcester and Stourbridge Branches in order to better serve our clients and enhance our training schedules for our volunteers.